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Choose a WordPress Theme
Choosing a Theme. As this is WordPress, there are hundreds of available themes. Many WordPress themes are free, and if you like them, you can upgrade.

The Importance of Choosing the Right WordPress Theme
The theme defines the look and “feel” of your website. If you’ve ever visited a website that feels “off”, it’s indicative that the theme doesn’t match the content, and this interrupts the flow and mars the user-experience.

Free WordPress Themes and Plug-ins
Here’s a video showing you how you can find and install free WordPress themes and WordPress Plug-ins. Many of these themes and plug-ins have upgrade options, where you can pay for a full version that offers more features and greater ease-of-use.


Free WordPress Themes and Plug-ins

Paid WordPress Themes and Plug-ins
These are some of the best paid WordPress themes and plug-ins. Click the links below to get started. Another window will open and this window will stay open as well.

For an online business, a paid, professional WordPress theme is the best way to go, as it saves time and money in the setup process. Also, paid, professional plug-in options are worth getting, too, as they can provide security, spam protection, increase loading times, and offer a plethora of other useful services.

Paid WordPress Themes and Plug-ins

Make Money with WordPress
To make money with your WordPress site,

Get the Best Tools for WordPress
To get the best tools for your WordPress site,

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