step 5

Start blogging
Time to start blogging. What does this mean? It means posting content on a consistent basis. To do this, I recommend that you set up a …

1. Schedule: Post content (articles, blog posts, videos, podcasts, photos) every day or every-other-day. Set aside an hour of time for this purpose.

2. Sanctuary: establish a place (it could be several places) where you consistently (schedule) blog. This could be your kitchen, your study, your garage, your outdoor patio, your favorite coffeehouse. Establish a schedule, a routine, and stick with it.

Identify your Audience
Who are you blogging for? Who is your audience? Identify your audience. Ask yourself: What type of challenge do they have and how can I help them overcome that challenge? What type of problem do they have and how can I help them solve that problem? What do they want and how can I help them get it?

Offer a Solution
Everyone wants something. Find out what they want. Help them get it.

Lead with value.

If you’re website is about “The Joy of a Vegan Diet”, you could post original recipes of vegan food and even do a comparison review of specific cooking tools, that are non-toxic and suitable for vegan cooks. You could offer a Free “7 Day Vegan Meal Planner” as giveaway for those who “opt-in” with their name and email. This strategy requires an autoresponder or CRM (Customer Relations Management) software tool. A Landing Page software such as LeadPages or Unbounce would help, too.

Be very specific in your approach.

If you’re a stay-at-home Mom who is a writer, who has self-published an ebook that helps stay-at-home Mom’s prepare recipes using all natural ingredients, your pitch could be …

“I help stay-at-home Moms discover simple recipes with my free ebook and companion video course, even if they’ve never used a stove!”

If you’re a maverick real estate investor, with a low credit score, who has a knack for finding bargain properties, and getting investors to partner with, even though you don’t put any money into the deal, like I do, your pitch could be …

“Discover how I bought a house in North Florida for $2,800 and sold it for $20,000. If a college dropout can do it, so can you.” – This is the pitch I use to sell my ebook Make Big Profits Flipping Florida Land

Basically, what you’re doing is offering a solution to peoples problems, making things easier for them, taking them by the hand, walking alongside them, and saying “I’ve been where you (audience) are and this (technique, action step) is what I did to get to a better place (solution). And if I can do it, so can you.”

Most people are self-involved and looking online to find a solution to their challenges, something that either helps them “avoid pain” or “gain pleasure” or both, as motivational coach and international speaker Tony Robbins puts it.

Help People Solve a Problem
When you help people solve a problem, they will gladly pay you for it. If you do this for free, they may assume your solution is worthless. If you charge them for your solution, they’re likely to assume that it is valuable. Typically, people don’t value what they get for free.

Your “solution” can come in the form of an ebook, a one-page PDF, a text file, a video, a one-on-one private Skype counseling or therapy session, or any other ways that demonstrate value for your website visitor.

Building an running a blog takes time and requires effort.

Determine a Niche, Identify an Audience
For those reasons, it’s a good idea to determine a niche-specific category for your WP site. Be very specific. The more specific you can be, the better you will be able to rank on the first page of the search engines. At the same time, identify the audience for your niche specific site.

If you have an audience that buys things, then you can offer/sell your product (one-on-one Skype sessions, ebook, affiliate link, one page PDF solution) to them and earn money.

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