step 6

Finding an Audience for your Blog
The best way to market your blog is to identify the audience that you are writing for and then hang out where they hang out, on YouTube, Google +, Instagram, forums, Twitter, Facebook groups, Facebook communities, Linked In, Pinterest.

Go to Places Online where your People are Hanging out
If you’re writing about “baking delicious gluten-free cupcakes”, now that’s a specific niche, then find that audience–those people who are fans of “gluten free cupcakes”.

Find them by going to and and and searching “gluten free cupcakes recipes Instagram” and go to that Instagram site that has 20,000 followers and find the top commenters and follow them!

If you’re writing or making videos or making a podcast, or doing all three of these, on a topic that you are passionate about, there are likely other people in the world who are just as passionate. Find them, and introduce them to your blog. Invite them to visit your blog.

At your blog, create an opt-in box using OptinMonster or LeadPages or Unbounce. All of these software tools are incredibly fast loading and very popular, for a good reason–because of their ease-of-use and the fact that they convert visitors into “opt-ins”, that is, people who sign in with their first name and email, to get on your subscriber list. It’s super-important that you get these people on your list, because you can market to them via email marketing and, over time, establish rapport with them. Then, at some point, you can offer a product or service or both that, when they buy it, you get an “affiliate commission”, a percentage of the sale price. Congratulations. You’ve just made money online.

Make Money with WordPress
To make money with your WordPress site,

Get the Best Tools for WordPress
To get the best tools for your WordPress site,

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