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About this Site
At this site, I will teach you how to build a WordPress (WP) site, one page at a time. This tutorial is completely free.

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Why Build A WP (WordPress) Site
Building a website is a fun way to share your thoughts, your ideas, with the world and, also, to get paid.  (If you’d like to get paid with your WP site, be sure to visit my companion site Make Money with  WP for a full tutorial.)

About Me
My name’s Kris Kemp and I put together this guide to help you get started building a blog.  I’m an ebook author and have been building WordPress blogs for the last 5+ years.  

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Get started with this tutorial by clicking the links at the top of the page.  Start with Step 1, and continue all the way to Step 7. If you’d like a PDF version of this blog, click here.

Please Note:  Within this tutorial are links to various products and services that I recommend.  When you click them, another page will open and your current window will stay open as well.  If you make a purchase using that link, I get a commission.  These are all products and services that I recommend and use myself.  I appreciate your support.